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About us

Since 1991 SMS has focused on marketing strategies, strategic planning and business development. SMS, and the companies it represents, works to increase the sales, improve productivity, increase profitability, and improve the ease of operations of small- to medium-sized companies, while helping business owners reach their maximum potential and secure their financial future.

SMS has been instrumental in helping companies recapture lost revenue and profits from the most recent economic downturn by providing the appropriate business experts to our clients to put in place methods, systems, and controls to control costs, increase productivity, while maintaining a positive cash flow . Our strategies help determine unique, “out-of-the-box” ways to increase both business and profitability while helping our clients stay competitive in challenging markets.

SMS works in conjunction with business development and marketing companies to help identify business opportunities for small- to medium-sized companies that can make an immediate impact on a company’s bottom line. In addition, SMS offers, through its related companies, professional tax and valuation services to provide business owners strategic tax, estate planning, succession planning , asset protection and valuation services which are essential to the long-term financial success of the business and its owners.

Every company is unique and our strategies are tailored to fit the needs of each client. SMS provides multiple ways to keep business flowing in today’s economy including, but not limited to: sales and marketing analysis, productivity-based excess profit incentive plans for employees, and strategic planning to broaden the scope of the business to ensure its long term success.

Several contributing factors come into play when identifying strategies to increase business. Some of these factors are working capital, cash reserves, inventory/supply availability, operating budgets and product/service diversification. A representative will discuss with each client the factors that may be contributing to the decline in that client’s revenue. The representative will determine which of our business development and/or marketing strategies are most appropriate for each client.

In addition to sales and marketing strategies, SMS partners with companies that provide asset protection, exit strategy planning, strategic tax planning and defense, business valuations and Business Value MappingTM . There are dozens of different services that SMS provides for its clients, depending on the need of each business. SMS can provide the needed planning to develop alternative distribution channels as well as develop customer service monitoring systems to help small- to medium-sized companies continue to increase sales, accounts receivable and traffic flow.

In today’s economy, corporate and personal asset protection is necessary to survive. SMS helps small- to medium-sized companies increase sales and turn sales into working capital. The overall business structure depends on measuring the critical variables that affect the bottom line. SMS and its related companies help small- to medium-size companies turn their businesses into profit centers.

Please speak with your local representative to determine how SMS can work to immediately impact your bottom line.

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