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Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of tree-hugging, earth-loving, eco-geeks that are altogether overly eager to serve you. That’s guaranteed. We consider it an absolute honor to have the opportunity to provide your business with quality, earth-friendly packaging alternatives. In fact, we partake in a mini-celebration for each and every customer we gain. Your interest validates to us that there are other like-minded, ecologically-conscientious packaging enthusiasts out there and this place we call earth might stand a chance after all! A thumbs-up from you keeps our gears turning.

Like any good family, we don't always see eye to eye on what music to play. Walk into the warehouse at any given time and you could be assaulted by heavy metal or greeted by the sounds of soothing spa-like music, and anything in between. What we do have in common is our passion for bringing you the most sustainable shipping products available today, and working to make the process of ordering shipping supplies (which generally screams "bleh!") into one you look forward to.

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